Friday, January 30, 2009

National Personal Transit and Health Care

If a system on the scale of a national personal transit system is ever realized, there will be a large corporate-like structure required to operate it. The people involved in this enterprise should be large enough in number to consider a health care system of their own or if the government is running it, could be combined with Medicare, V.A., etc into a single system. If nothing else this would save duplication of governmental efforts and there are enough V.A. hospitals and Medicare centers around the country for a good starting network. One of the problems the auto manufacturers and others have run into is lack of any ability to control health care costs. {GM may well have been smarter to buy its own health care company instead of its own bank (GMAC)}. By combining all of these health care entities we will also have a good start at a standardized national health care system and it may be preferable to separate that entity from any transit system entity. At any rate there will be time to consider this more fully after committing to automating our transportation system.